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A Day at the Seaside.

Visit to the Haven Press, 24th May 2014

The Essex Branch meeting on Saturday 24 May was at The Haven Press of Chris & Jenny Brinson, on the seafront at Holland-on-­Sea. Fifteen members attended, some travelling considerable distances and arriving promptly so that the limited parking space outside was quickly exhausted. Arriving only ten minutes late, I was treated to a brisk walk along the Promenade in the bright sunshine, admiring a vista of innumerable wind turbines stretching out to the horizon.
Haven Press Tickets
On arrival, guests received a badge and a curious goody bag containing a ticket for the Essex Airship Company (which appears not to exist), a free ticket to Clacton Pier (which is free anyway) and a pair of blue rubber gloves overprinted with the society logo — an odd souvenir of Chris's recent encounter with the NHS?
Arab Press
Len had brought specimens of entries for the Rosen Award for inspection— how had the Shropshire branch managed to win again, what are those judges looking for? At least the PG Award had returned to Essex, or Adanaland at least. Our planned day at the Waiting Room in Colchester had fallen through but a visit to the Colt Press in Witham on 25 June was added to fill the gap. After a group photo we moved on to the main event of the meeting, the unveiling of 'The Essex Arab'. Now fully restored and operational, it takes pride of place in Chris's conservatory press room and is offered as a common resource for branch members to make use of. It runs beautifully, and fitted with 'Swiss packing' (one layer of inverted litho blanket and one sheet of stout Mylar beneath a top sheet of Manilla) it printed excellently from the start with no makeready or adjustment necessary. Chris has done a fine job on this machine. People had brought a selection of large blocks to test it with and they all printed with a clear even image. Unlike the paper, we were all deeply impressed. If you have a block too large for your press which you'd like to try, have a word with Chris.
Arab Press
When we had finished peering at all those ingenious cams and levers, it was time for food. Jenny had done us proud, with a table full of sandwiches and strawberries and cream to finish off with. The room was lined with paintings, Jenny's work as well; they're a busy and productive couple and I'm sure everyone looks forward to our next visit to the Haven Press.

Report by Alan Brignull - Photography Ron Rookes and Jenny Brinson

Group shot